The Painter:  Miguel Angel Godoy 

Artist, Miguel Angel Godoy, was born in the desert town of El Centro, California.  His father joined the Army and at an early age, Godoy and his family traveled across the country and on to Europe. His passion for art was established early, from watching his father sketch to witnessing graffiti on trains and the Berlin Wall.  As a young Chicano travelling from military base to military base, he was constantly searching for self-identity. This he found through sub-cultures like hip-hop, the lowrider culture, and urban art around cityscapes. Determined to further his education and learn more about art, he went on to earn a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from Columbus State University.  Shortly thereafter, he moved back to his home state of California to pursue his passion for art in San Diego where he created several public art murals and participated in group and solo exhibitions. Godoy is currently enrolled in the MFA program in Painting and Drawing at Arizona State University with a graduation date of 2021.

Having traveled around the world and across the country, he has met people from different cultures and various walks of life.  In pursuing art and developing his craft, he inadvertently stumbled upon a newfound passion for connecting with people. Through facilitating community murals, he has worked with hundreds of people in hopes to foster an environment in which they can find their own voice through art.